You don’t hate Monday’s…

You hate your job. I’m kidding, kind of. As we all know, Monday is usually the most dreaded day of every week, but as an aspiring music and entertainments journalist; I plan to make the most of every opportunity and event that goes on in this talented city. 

To make the most out of a dull Monday, a fellow music addict (@girlwhogoestogigs) and I, took a small trip to the Rescue Rooms and watched Amber Run do a ‘lowkey’ acoustic session before their full performance at Rock City on the 10th February. 

The whole evening, which beautifully fell into my birthday, was filled with chilling voices expressing many different forms of raw emotion. There was an omnipresent feeling of ease, but ecstasy in the room for what was about to come, with the majority of the room drinking a themed “Amber Rum” and sitting on the leather sofas surrounded by warm fairylights- all that was missing was a fireplace!

In all seriousness, it was incredibly humbling to witness the now, extremely successful four-piece band return to their roots in the heart of Nottingham to share tracks from their new sophomore album “For A Moment”. 

The night included some local supporting acts, all exceptionally talented in their own light.

  • Ashfields
  • Elana
  • Lowrie
  • Molly and Jack

And lastly, a surprise guest that was none other than the lovely Saint Raymond. Despite not having performed in over a year after taking a break since touring with Ed Sheeran and Gabrielle Aplin- Callum was anything but rusty with his acoustic guitar and plastic cup of beer. Delivering the same charming and captivating performance as he’d always done, though every now and then the singer needed reminding from the audience who did not hesitate to chant and belt out to Saint’s “Everything She Wants.”

“Are we taking our glasses off for this shoot? Can’t believe I had to google my own lyrics. It’s been fun nevertheless.”

I also got to speak to the bands lead singer Joe Keogh and guitarist Will Jones about how they felt about the night, the pair expressed their feelings of being unnerved yet excited nevertheless and showed great gratitude. 

Amber Run perform on the 10th and it’s on the same day as their album launch, so it’s bound to be a special night for the band and their fans.

 Follow them and keep up to date via social media:

Facebook- /amberrun


Instagram- @amberrun

Pre-order their album, For A Moment.

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  1. Your birthday must have been so much fun. I can sense the vibe in your words. That first line was a witty way of starting such an amazing piece. 😊


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