My first.

As they say, there’s a first for everything, and there’s a lot of ‘firsts’ I’m still yet to experience and achieve. 

So then on the 9th February, I attended my first ever concert. What? Grow up.

I know, given that I’m an aspiring music journalist (have I mentioned that already?) you’d think I would have attended a real concert before, but I haven’t. Only lowkey gigs. Not that they’re minor or didn’t matter; but this night was definitely worth ‘the mention’.

So last September, I was half-drunkenly sat at a table trying to recover from the post Freshers antics when a close friend of mine arbitrarily asks me “are you a Two Door Cinema Club fan?”  Before I could think to answer she just says “Because I got us both tickets.” Of course, I was instantly ecstatic. That week had been a lot to digest alone, moving to a new city and coming to grips with all that was happening at the time, I felt as though my life has been moving at 100mph, especially now that I look back.  

“But you still owe me 20 quid though.”

Okay, sure. Whatever. But all I could think about was the fact that I was still going to see a band that I’d been adoring and avidly listening to since I was, at least, 13!

And so, from then onwards, I had to face the dreaded wait. Of course, until it was finally February 2017.

Fast forwards to a few months later, a lost and confused Ashley is bustling and rushing through the London Underground till I eventually, somehow, arrive at  Green Park looking to then find my friend eagerly calling for me, (and a McDonald’s) and we get headed to Alexandra Palace. 

Fairy lights and plastic cups filled the palace as people impatiently waited for the venue doors to open. My friend and I were lucky enough to basically be right at front- staring security guards right in the face. 

Finally, the first act appear, who are none other than the cool boys of Sundara Karma with their shoulder length hair and with what can only be described as their ‘indie-rock glory’ swaggering to their well-known song “Flame”. Stimulating the crowd in preparation for the rest of the evening. 

Secondly, amplifying an exuberant mix of bright pop; came Circa Waves, who I’d never actually heard about until recently, but having seen their live performance, I’m now more than tempted to buy tickets for their coming show at Rock City, Nottingham- very near me! 

I was instantly drawn to their buzzing punk energy and sugary, slick wave riffs from songs such as “young chasers”, “fire that burns” and lastly most anticipated “T-shirt weather”.

And lastly, the curtain falls and my heart drops- as lead singer Alex Trimble of the Two Door Cinema Club runs onto the stage. My adolescence intensifies as myself and a bunch of new friends I had suddenly made, bopped to what they started with “Cigarettes in the Theatre”. The Irish trio didn’t hesitate to add songs from their gliding new wave album “Gameshow” including “Bad Decisions” which was certainly my favourite. Throughout I felt visceral happiness as the setlist goes, from the catchy guitar riffs of “Undercover Martin” to the nostalgic overdose of “Sun”. 

It’s more than fair to say that when I left, I truly left. 

Not to be overly dramatic, but post concert weirdness is real. And if you ever want to truly feel it, which I recommend you should- go see a band you thought you out grew. Because no matter how big you are, there are feelings which come around that will always remind you of where you’ve been.

So there, that’s the story of my first time. 

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love, 

No Mary-Kate, just Ashley.

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  1. Nothing beats a good concert, live music, thrill and that unforgettable experience where everything comes together through good music. Made memories. You know your stuff Ashley. Awesome!


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